Private Sittings

Let me tell you a little about what happens at a private sitting. 

As a medium, I have the ability to tune in to the wavelength of a departed soul a little like you would tune in to a radio station, enabling me to communicate with the spirit world.

During your reading, with the help and guidance of my spirit guide Chang, loved ones and friends who have passed over to the spirit world will come through in spirit, using myself as a channel to communicate with you giving you guidance and proof of survival.

I can also provide foresight into what the future holds for you, giving you the guidance you need to help you achieve your life’s goals. 

I can tell you what is happening in your life at the moment whether it is relationships, job or money problems, advice on friendships and other problems.  I will  also help you to realize the skills and talents you have within yourself that you may not know are there and help guide you in the best direction for you to take for you to achieve happiness and contentment.

With the help of my spirit guide Chang, I will answer any questions you may have about the spirit world.

Telephone Sittings 

This is an ideal way to receive a reading for those of you unable to meet with me personally, whether it be through distance or illness. 

I will give you the same advice and guidance as with a private sitting over the telephone at a pre-arranged time.

Sending me a photograph of yourself prior to your reading enables me to tune into your Aura so that I am able to give you a full and accurate reading.  This way I can receive good communication from your loved ones in the spirit world.

You can do this by either posting me out a photograph or if booking by email, you can upload a photograph through the website.

Telephone readings have proven to be very successful, and an ideal solution for those of you wanting a reading but are unable to travel.

If you would like to book either a Private Sitting or a Telephone Sitting you will find details of how to do this both online or by telephone on the appointments page.

You will find the price and payment details for both Private Sittings and Telephone Sittings on the appointments page.