Frequently Asked Questions

I am often asked questions from people wanting to know a little more about the Spirit World, below you will find some of the more frequently asked questions and my answers to them.

What happens to us when we pass over and where do we go?

When we pass over, we are met by our loved ones and friends that have already passed over.  If you have suffered a long illness, you are taken to the Halls of Rest, where you will sleep for a while, until your soul is restored to full strength.

Do animals survive death?

Yes, all animals have souls, and your pets will be there to greet you on your arrival.

If I have married more than once, which partner will I end up with?

The partner that you loved the most.  All is love in the spirit world.

Will I ever have to come back to earth again?

In most cases yes.  The earth is a very big school, where we have to learn many different lessons, so that we grow with more understanding and compassion for other people.

Where do very evil people go after death?

The go to a very barren and dark place.  they have to understand the hurt and the suffering their actions towards others has caused.  Once they have understood their mistakes and are totally sorry for them, they are taken to a much better realm in spirit.

If a child passes over, do they stay as a child?

No, they do not.  They grow and develop on the spirit side of life.

Can a medium demand that a soul makes contact after death?

No, a medium has no right to demand anything.  Every soul has free will, and nobody can interfere with that.  They must want to make contact or there is nothing a medium can do.

Is the spirit world as beautiful as we hope?

It is more beautiful than anyone can describe.  I have been blessed to visit it many times and you cannot imagine the feeling of peace and love that is there.

I hope these short questions and answers have been of some help to you.  You can always e-mail me or telephone of you wish to know more

God Bless