Absent Healing

Many people have been helped enormously by my absent healing over the years, receiving relief from both emotional and physical pain.

I send out absent healing every night at 10pm to all those in my healing book, when I sit down with my guide and spiritual helpers. I direct healing rays to each person individually by reading out their name and the condition they are suffering from, whether it be mental, physical or spiritual. 

The healing is extremely powerful and distance is no object, it’s rays healing the mind, body and soul.

I also provide absent healing for animals who also benefit from healing in all sorts of ways.

To be included in my absent healing book you will need to contact me with your name and your condition. You will receive absent healing for three months, or longer if you require, during which time I do appreciate a letter or email from you to let me know how you are doing.

You may also request absent healing for people other than yourself.

You will find the price and payment details for Absent Healing on the appointments page.

Please Note: All money collected for Absent Healing is given directly to charity.